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What makes investing in the Forex market worthwhile?

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As I mention staying in any trade over night your in a higher risk to loss all or a large amount of your investment. See attach files of a few stocks that closed higher and then the next day gap down in a huge way the next days opening to take back all you made in three to six months. Learn more at HowTowinWallStreetsMoney


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Gainesville Style

The Gainesville Style (TGS) was launched in May 2010 as a source for all things stylish in Gainesville, Florida. The Gainesville Style is an online format and visually-driven, with a focus on bringing a high fashion sense to Gainesville. TGS is a magazine about style with a capital S and all the things that go with it: art, music, film, beauty, show, culture. Before TGS was launched, we thought of it this way: one source for all of Gainesville’s artist. No need to search 4 billion blog site, a good way to think of the insane and unpredictable mix of people, places, and things that TGS celebrates in its pages. TGS is a place where fashion  meets photography, local celebrities mingle with the up and coming, high art converses with underground culture.  All in one playground: TGS

Private school shows off students’ sustainability knowledge with fair

In a community that has made green energy a priority with the solar feed-in tariff and biomass plant, one small private school in Gainesville is helping to sustain that momentum in the next generation.

Students at Loga Springs International Academy on Northeast 16th Avenue showed off the fruits of their labors this week during a Sustainability Fair, highlighted by a wind turbine they built, along with solar-powered cookers for hot dogs and cornbread.

Some comeback by Newton

You remember Cameron Newton, of course. When his legal issues led him to drop out of Florida a little more than a year ago, no one in Gainesville made a big deal out of it because we’d all seen him throw the ball while he was here. Let’s just say, it wasn’t pretty.

But the former UF quarterback has a chance to make a strong comeback in the SEC this season with Auburn. He may not be a great passer, but the Tigers seem to think he has a chance to be a great player.

Pet Portraits

Join my blog and let’s talk about pets, especially dogs, and art. Pets share our lives and add richness to our souls. Art can do the same thing, so I love to combine my love for both by painting animals and landscapes. As you will see, I have a special place in my heart for Great Danes. Share my journey as I explore life with the dogs and life as a struggling artist.

How a Florida City Faces Decades of Toxic Pollution

Tia Ma, a massage therapist in Gainesville, Fla., no longer feels comfortable treating clients at her house, eating herbs from her organic garden or letting her cat roll around in the soil. When she moved into her home in the Stephen Foster neighborhood two years ago, she didn’t realize the dangerous consequences of living there.

“I’ve noticed more and more animals with tumors in this neighborhood,” she said. “To hear that three doors down the street, people are dying of cancer and houses are going out for sale — my heart has been broken.”